Battleships - Game Instruction


German: Schiffe versenken | Anleitung English: Battleships | Instruction

Maybe everybody knows Battleships from boring school lessons. To continue with this nice tradition there is now this online-version versus a computer combatant for boring school lessons in front of a pc.

Your own fleet can be set (in the right field) by entering the coordinates or by clicking on Random Setup. Play this set starts the game. The ships can only touch in the corners.

The human player starts by clicking on a field on the left map. When missing, a dot will appear there, if it's a hit, it will be an x. When a ship sinks it will be colored red. After each shot by the player the computer will shoot back.
The game is won when one player has sunk all the ship of his combatant.

If the human player has won, he will get points. Each ship left will bring 50 points, each ship part that has not been hit brings 10.

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